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My home being foreclosure

So my home is being foreclosure by the bank, my mind been uneasy and having anxiety even since my mom told me these past few
days. I have done so much in this home it make tear my heart that we moving away from it. I been drawing new comic pages but i ccant concentrate due the mental anxiety. This summer was gonna be drawing comic pages but now is being halt by this moving god
dammit. Hate my life right now.

I'm not in the mood of drawing or do anything ...i don't know what to do.... my head hurt from all this anxiety .I'm worry about moving and losing the stuff i own.

I'm sorry for the people i owe commission...i can't do it and may to refund...i'm sorry..

- Posted by Raxki Yamato on June 28th, 2013, 1:08 pm    -   1 comments

Reader Comments:

i give best wish's to your future as a fan and a person who care's

Posted by waterstar (Guest)
August 1st, 2013, 8:40 am

hello raxki yamato! iv been reading your comic as it progress's for a while and im sorry to hear your sad story ;-; im a fan of your work and i love the story so far i hope you will get to feeling better soon and that your problems are solved. nobody should have to go through what you are but with confidence and strength you will make it through! if you dont feel you have the strength or the confidence then you must find that reason to keep going! you have made it this far i say no need to give up now! if you do it will show at least you tried ^_^ thats something iv learned from experiance and i made it through going through alot of drama because of a incident in 1st grade and i had autism and i made it through that so i believe you can do it too as long as you dont give up! best wish's and best of luck!

from waterstar~*

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