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Sprink Break Is Over

Sprink Break is over for me. Now is back to the university.

On Spring Break i was finally able to draw without the university getting in the way. I know Anthro Kai been on hiatus for several months now, but i hope to start updating around late May or early June, got one page ready, but i wanna make like 4-7 to be ahead and not let the get university getting in the way. New characters gonna show up and story development is expected with action scene,blood,powers source, secrets, but im getting ahead.( I still haven't completed the full story yet!, argh. hope every come well together).

Well , beside that i been doing ok. Saving money to go to my first con(which are rare where i live), The Comic-Con 2013 in May. Doing a few commission(but im close now) to earn some cash for it.^____^

Well that's all for now.

- Posted by Raxki Yamato on April 8th, 2013, 1:38 am    -   0 comments

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