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New Year, 2013

Ok, a new year, what to do for the new year. Got my mind set on a couple of thins, new year resolution:

1. Draw more complex poses and scenery.
2. Beat my previous art abilities.
3. Improve Anthro Kai( story, website, etc).
4. Make animation.
6.Be a nicer person.
7. Draw stuff with different anatomy(like pokemon, dragons etc)
8. And more impotently.... Draw MECHA.

The Sky is the limit.

Short journal....i'm sorry ^______^;;;;;;.
I guessed i'm not one of those person who post a lot of stuff.

Well that's all for now, See ya next time.


Anyway. Keep Voting for Anthro Kai in TWC

TWC Anthro Kai here


Can read the comic here

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