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Favorites Comics

Las Lindas

(updating weekly)

The life and struggles of the residents of the "Las Lindas" farm. Nice plot and art, by Chalo. Contains lots of boobies - especially in the side-arcs.

Also hosts The Eye of Ramalach and Carribean Blue, two nice (yet randomly updated) comics.

Two Kinds

(updating weekly)

A tale of war and love, with great plot, character development and art. Starring both humans and anthros. Err, sorry : humans, Keidrans and Basitins. A lot of bare fur too, nothing too wild. By Tom Fischbach.

Bittersweet Candy Bowl

(updating on monday, wednesday and friday)

"High school drama and antics" would be a simplistic way to put it. "Holy <expletive deleted> it's awesome" would actually be closer from reality. Very deep characters and an interesting story, not to mention a love dodecaedron or two, BCB is a very well written webcomic by Taeshi.

Root for PauloXLucy !

Better Days & Original Life

(updating on monday and friday)

Two comics by Jay Naylor. Anthros in everyday life, with great plot and character development.
A bit of porn too in the catalog.

Furthia High

(updating Tuesdays and Thursday )

A comic by QuetzaDrake.It is about a human teenager that attends his first year of public high school in a world completely populated by furries.


(updating Random )

It is about childhood friends living everyday drama life as they go to into adulthood.
It is pencil-draw by Tim Orser.

Exterminatus Now

(updating Mondays )

Is a comedic webcomic. Join this wacky Inquisitional warband as they take part in wacky adventures .
It is made by the combine forces of Alan Graham. The elusive artist. Lothar Hex Garry Webber. The angry writer Eastwood Stuart Edney. The cynical administrator Silversword Martin Faulkner. The enigmatic webmaster.


(updating Sundays )

A little comic about a lot things. It's s about college, it's about video games, it's about friendship and it's about romance..


(updating Wednesday )

Join the schizophrenic Ruby, her mute best friend and roommate Kenneth, their eccentric neighbor Lynn and a whole cast of oddball characters as they try to live through the everyday trials of moving out and living on your own...despite being a little messed up in the head..

Slightly Damned

(updates on Saturday )

Is a story-driven comic in a fantasy setting. It has comedy, romance, drama, and some violence and swearing. .


(updates on Fridays)

About the life and trials of Quick Bourne and his group of friends. .


(updates on Tuesdays)

The comic follows the misadventures of a socially awkward cat named Oscar, his closest friend Vee and a trouble making fennec fox called Kayly, as their lives head towards prom night and a life altering twist of fate.

Cosmic Dash

(Updates Friday)

Cosmic Dash is a science fiction webcomic. If you are a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Futurama, you will enjoy Cosmic Dash. The comic combines action, adventure, comedy, and even fantasy as it explores a fully-realized fictional galaxy.


(Updates Mostly the 1 and 15th of each month)

After running away from home, Princess Aria Lefrange releases a notorious pirate from jail, in exchange for bringing her into his crew. Now that she on the high seas, what will Aria experience, and what exactly is she up to? Find out in the high seas adventure, Swashbuckled!


(Updates Periodically )

UberQuest is a web-comic that takes place in a mystical fantasy realm known as Evyr. Inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures called "Fera" with rather extraordinary abilities and fantastical creatures. The story follows a rag-tag group of protagnists as they venture for glory,treasure and the truth behind a great mystery that has the world of Evyr fate in its hands.