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Anthro Kai(On HIATUS)

About the Comic

Name: Anthro Kai

Type: Adventure,Action,Comedy


Hiro and Xeol are two friends who have been living in Tokyo, Japan since they were young. But one day they were forced to say goodbye. Shortly after he moves to the US, Hiro met great new friends: Reed, Sam, Ryan, Raphael, Moka and Saia.
Two months have passed since Hiro meet with Xeol. Now Summer Vacation is upon the group.
The story moves to Australia, As Reed Invited the group for a months stay in his home nation for the summer. But unknown to them, their life will begin to shift from this point on in time...starting with a castaway pink haired girl.

The group taking care of the girl after being found, is being the target of the Bounty Hunter, Zen Senchi. Who have a connection with her.


The year was 1947. They were the proposal for the next step of humanity's evolution. It was theorized that by combining human and animal DNA, humans could be enchanted into new possibilities for the future: being immune to disease, becoming twice as strong, living two fold over the life span of a normal human and extraordinary human reflexes. It was a dream for many of whom wanted the best for humanity. But scientists were unable to accomplish something like this. The technology at the time was too primitive for what would be required, so the project was scrapped...

But in Japan year, 1954, there was a great scientist named Dr.Daisuke Serizawa, who managed to combine Human DNA and Animal DNA and thus created hybrid beings, named Hybrids. By altering a child DNA in the womb to having both human and animal DNA, the Hybrid have high-physical performance, being immune to deadly diseases, having faster reflexes and being twice as strong than the average human. As a new breed of human emerges, the normal humans were now deemed with the name Naturals. It was soon discovered that the Hybrids were becoming increasingly sterile because they didn't have the genetic input that the Naturals possessed. They were meant to marry and breed with Naturals as a way to control the population. Now in the present day, Naturals and Hybrid live together all around the world.

Humanity is on the the next step of evolution.


Naturals: Humans who are genes have not been altered.

Hybrids: Genetic-enchanted living being,with higher capacity,than humans.