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Anthro Kai

09 Dec 2011 07:00 pm

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Author's Comments:

Raxki Yamato
Posted by Raxki Yamato
26 Nov 2011 10:44 pm

Some "brother moment" right?
Also what kind of brother let his little brother head out in the middle of the night?

Sorry. But needed to postpone this page.
Have a lot of stuff to do.

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26 Oct 2014 01:01 am

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Reader's Comments:


Posted by Cliffy (Guest)
09 Dec 2011 08:14 pm

Well this is getting interesting.
Also - you've got a new reader, mate!
I'll spread the link among my friends, let this comic become popular because there is lots of potential in it!


Posted by friendly100 (Guest)
09 Dec 2011 10:41 pm

I like where the comic is heading and you started it off with a very good character introduction. But most of all I see a lot of potential in your artwork and I can't wait to see how it you develop as an artist. I notice how you've started getting more detailed with your shading it's a nice touch.

Posted by lizard-socks
10 Dec 2011 04:24 am

I like how you have the voiceover on top of the night sky.
Also, cat hug :3

Posted by Jerel
10 Dec 2011 06:30 pm

Don't think my brother would ever cover for me like that. Not that heed ever need to.

kumori 0okami
Posted by kumori 0okami
13 Dec 2011 03:09 am

This was totally awesome! Brotherly love rocks!


Posted by Keir Ookami (Guest)
13 Mar 2012 11:10 am

When I saw Hiro blush I got soooooo manu dirty brother incest images in my mind *nosebleeds*

Posted by DragonFolf (Guest)
30 Apr 2013 04:18 pm

Panel 3: I've should be I
That's it ^^