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Welcome to Anthro Kai.

Hiro and Xeol are two friends who have been living in Tokyo, Japan since they were young. But one day they were forced to say goodbye. Shortly after he moves to the US, Hiro met great new friends: Reed, Sam, Ryan, Raphael, Moka and Saia.


Two months have passed since Hiro and Xeol brief reunion years later in the US.

The story moves to Australia, As Reed Invited the group for a months stay in his home nation for the summer. But unknown to them, their life will begin to shift from this point on in time...starting with a castaway pink haired girl.

The group taking care of the girl after being found, is being the target of the Bounty Hunter, Zen Senchi. Who have a connection with her.

Updated Periodically (Usually a Friday)

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No Comics this December

Raxki Yamato
Posted by Raxki Yamato
02 Dec 2013 12:05 am
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Yeah, gonna take a break from updating the comic, being the holidays and all.

And i get the feeling this trimester classes are not gonna be my specialty (gonna be hard and boring).

But If i get the free time, there maybe a X-mas special comic.

Sorry for the inconvenient. TwT

Until next time . Take care everyone.

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Comic Resume (for now...)

Raxki Yamato
Posted by Raxki Yamato
07 Sep 2013 12:35 pm
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Here we're starting with a bit of a side story. Introducing some new faces to the story. Gonna be connected later.

Trying my best updating.I have bad luck on being 17 wanting to be a teen play games hours end and have a responsibility with art stuff = n=.

And collage is not being helpful on drawings time.

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My home being foreclosure

Raxki Yamato
Posted by Raxki Yamato
28 Jun 2013 01:08 pm
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So my home is being foreclosure by the bank, my mind been uneasy and having anxiety even since my mom told me these past few
days. I have done so much in this home it make tear my heart that we moving away from it. I been drawing new comic pages but i ccant concentrate due the mental anxiety. This summer was gonna be drawing comic pages but now is being halt by this moving god
dammit. Hate my life right now.

I'm not in the mood of drawing or do anything ...i don't know what to do.... my head hurt from all this anxiety .I'm worry about moving and losing the stuff i own.

I'm sorry for the people i owe commission...i can't do it and may to refund...i'm sorry..

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Summer Is Here + Comic Con.

Raxki Yamato
Posted by Raxki Yamato
25 May 2013 10:58 pm
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College Is finally over for now. Time to get some well deserve break. I'll go back again in August 26.

I have learn so many things and met new and amazing friends. Let me tell ya, i would have not passed some classes with good grades if it wasn't for them. They are the kind of friends you can count on. I have done stuff I could not do If I was alone for my comic and personal life, so for that I thanks them. Hope to see them when classes start again.

Anthro Kai will continue on hiatus for now but Is not dead. I'm gonna start doing some pages all summer for when college start again in August, I won't be having delays and stuff. Also gonna post stuff I haven't been able to upload yet . And i wanna improve my style even more than is it now too.(Really wanna know how to draw mecha/powersuits).

I may post some pages now and then to show that the comic Is not dead, but not much. I don't mind If Ilose some readers due long hiatus it wont bother me.

Also, I'm going to Comic-Con, the one where I live. Going to be my first, I'm excited and i have to submit a portfolio to a MARVEL booth in the Comic-Con. Apparently MARVEL is looking for new artist, who knows, I'm gonna try it at leash.

And one last thing. I'll finally get the chance to catch up with One Piece, I have not been able to finish It , and I been watching It since last week no joke (even though It returned to TOONAMI recently, I'm not gonna wait like 4-5 years to watch It all >3>).

Well that Is all for now. Laters.
(Sorry for my bad typing).

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